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• Instrument: Pipa 

• Minimum rental period: one month 

• Rental fee: $40 per month 

• Security deposit: $500 payable at the start of the rental agreement, refundable upon safe return of the instrument to Australian Pipa Association Inc. 


I hereby agree to lease the named instrument made available by Australian Pipa Association, on the term and conditions listed below. 

1. I agree to pay all scheduled fees.

2. I agree to pay $500 security deposit that is refundable to my account upon safe return of the instrument to Australian Pipa Association Inc.

3. I agree to maintain and keep my instrument in good working order.

4. I agree that the instrument remains the property of Australian Pipa Association Inc.

5. I agree to the initial one month rental period and I then agree to rent my instrument on month 

to month basis.

6. If I wish to cancel my rental, I will email pipaluck@gmail.com providing at least 30 days notice of cancellation. Failure to provide adequate notice of cancellation will result in a full month’s rental charge.

7. I agree not to sell or offer for sale, assign, pledge, lend or otherwise deal with the musical 


8. I agree that I am responsible for any loss or damage incurred to the musical instrument whilst on my possession.

9. I agree that Australian Pipa Association Inc will be notified of any damage or loss to the musical instrument within a period of no more than 48 hours.

10. I agree that I will pay Australian Pipa Association Inc for the cost of any repairs deemed necessary as a result of loss or damage incurred. Should the musical instrument be deemed not repairable or cannot be located. I will provide payment for the total value of the music instrument. I understand that the value of the instrument will be assessed by Australian Pipa Association Inc and that the assessment is the amount payable in accordance with these terms and conditions.

11. I agree to not attempt to repair the instrument themselves. 

12. General servicing for wear and tear is the responsibility of the hirer. When you hire an instrument from us it has checked, serviced and is in good working order. If there is anything wrong with the instrument when you receive it, please contact us immediately. We recommend instruments be serviced by a qualified technician at least once a year and we require the instrument to be returned to us in good working order. 

Please pay either by a cheque or bank transfer to the following account. 

Account Name: Australian Pipa Association Inc BSB: 06 2000 Number: 1675 0777 

Australian Pipa Association Inc. is a non-profit organisation, we welcome any donations to support our objectives. For donation, please use the following account. 

Account Name: Australian Pipa Association Inc – Public Fund BSB: 06 2000 Number: 1675 4102 

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