Australian Pipa Association Team

Marjorie Li

Treasurer/Vice president

As one of the founding members of Lulu Pipa Ensemble and Australian Pipa Association,
Marjorie Li graduated from Sydney Conservatorium of Music with a first class honours degree in
musicology. She began to study pipa with Dr. Lu Liu while at the Conservatorium and was a
member of the Chinese Music Ensemble for three years. Besides Chinese pipa, she also plays
piano, and is a member of Northern Beaches Symphony Orchestra, as well as ACMS Australia
(Amateur Chamber Music Society Australia).

John Jing Dao Ling 林敬道

Teacher, event coordinator

John is currently a post graduate research student in the Master of Music (Performance) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music under Dr Catherine INGRAM and Pipa virtuoso Ms Liu.

He completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 2018 under Associate Professor Shuyin 舒银.

With achievements including winning a Bronze medal for the “Qing Yue” Cup Pipa competition Hongkong 2016 and Bronze medal “Jiangnan Sizu” competition, Hangzhou 2016,  John was also student representative of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music to attend the SEADOM (South East Asian Directors of Music) conference in Jogjakarta and also to participate and perform in the Gamelan Project held there.

Iris Xinyang Li 李昕扬

Teacher, Marketing Manager

Iris studied music education(k-12) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, having Pipa as her major. She is a NESA accredited teacher. With lots of experience, Iris knows the best way to cultivate your children’s hidden musical talents! She uses fun and hands on teaching approaches inspired by Orff and Kodaly, and guarantee you and your kiddo with tons of fun and heaps of knowledge about music!

Iris was also the first student who enrolled in Conservatorium of Sydney playing the unique Chinese instrument: Pipa (Chinese lute).


Lin Ye 叶琳:After completing Bachelor of Music Studies at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Lin is currently studying Master of Teaching (Birth to 12) at Western Sydney University.  She started Learning Piano at the age of 6 and Violin at the age of 8. Lin began to learn Pipa with Lulu and performed with the Chinese Music Ensemble at the Con during her third year at university. Now she is part of the Lulu Liu Pipa ensemble.

One of our member Echo said: I have been learning Pipa on and off since I was 10. With a perpetual passion for music and Pipa culture,I am very lucky to have the opportunity to learn Pipa with Dr. Liu and perform this beautiful instrument to more people in Australia.

One of our member Eileen Shen said:

“Pipa suddenly came to my life without any predictions. To start learning an instrument without any musical background at this age, what I’ve learned from the study of Pipa here is not only the techniques but also the correct attitudes to face the new challenges and believe that nothing is impossible if you are willing to try.”

Lucathea Cui 崔筱妍

Lucathea is a new member of Australia Pipa Association who learnt pipa at the age of 10. After studying the piano for 5 years, she decided to try Pipa, as she saw Pipa on the TV. She currently major in psychology in USYD. She joined Chinese Music Ensemble at the Conservatorium in her first year.

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