At Australian Pipa Association Inc, We strive to

  • promote Chinse musical culture in Australia by building an Australian Chinese
  • Pipa community (Chinese Pipa is a four-fretted string instrument with a history of more than two thousand years).
  • provide a platform for Pipa musicians of varying abilities, ages and nationalities
  • experience and developing skills in ensemble playing.
  • provide an environment for Pipa musicians who want to perform but cannot find an opportunity to do so.
  • perform an extremely broad variety of music, including traditional Chinese Pipa music, contemporary works, Australian and other popular Western repertories.
  • explore and collaborate with both Chinese and Western instrumental performer and composers.
  • help players develop awareness of musical style, expression and to understand the musical culture and aesthetics at the experiential level.
  • provide performance opportunity on big stage to its members.
  • promote musical culture and experience exchange between musical institutions and individuals.
  • support activities that help promote Pipa education and research, such as Pipa competition, musical festival, Pipa graded exams, etc.

Let’s share the love for Pipa!

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