Annual General Meeting 2019

The Annual General Meeting of the Australian Pipa Association (ABN 79633580263) was held at 5pm Saturday 16/11 at Annandale Public School Hall. 

In our Annual General Meeting this year, we have our President’s report and Treasurer’s report.

We discuss issues regarding to the current program as well as proposing program. We decided that instead of changing the rehearsal time each week, setting the adult ensemble rehearsal time at 4pm, Saturday. We also extended our rehearsal duration to 2 hours each week.

We decided that instead of changing the ensemble fee according to the number of weeks in each school term, setting a fix term fee: $100 per term.

We the supports of couples of our students and parents, also promptly discuss the possibility of resuming the children ensemble in term 2, 2020.

Current committee are:

Public officer/President/Secretary: Dr. Lulu Liu

Treasurer/Vice President: Marjorie Li

Committee members: Richard, Echo, Fiona, Lynn

We welcome two new members who are taking up new role in the association. John is taking up the role as our events coordinator. Iris is the newly pointed marketing manager.

We also discuss details regarding to the upcoming concert in February at Newcastle and 2019 students’ concert.

Australian Pipa Association/Sydney Pipa ensemble

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